The Inventor

The Stabi-pads™ shielding pads were conceptualized by Jean-Michel Anthony, a self-taught Belgian manufacturing engineer, and inventor, who passionately focuses on resolving a number of practical medical problems encountered by himself or those close to him.


Severely disabled from birth, he knows that great things never come from the comfort zone. For tens of years, he specialized in creating and improving medical devices and appliances (such as the HME-Booster™), mainly for respiratory purposes and more generally for the disabled.

“A good invention is one that in retrospect was obvious.”
J.-M. Anthony
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The HME-Booster is J.M. Anthony's greatest success, but by far not his only achievement. While one of his first patents covered a device for combating condensation on door or window frames, J.M. Anthony is also active in the marine field, working on several systems that improve navigation comfort and combat seasickness.